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"School House Rock" History, Economics, & Geography Playlists & Giffs

ANCIENT HISTORY P.roactive E.ngaged E.lectronic L.earning GIFF



P.roactive E.ngaged E.lectronic L.earning Giffs for Geo. Econ. & Gov. 

Watch the animated Gif Below & then answer these questions:
1. Imaginary lines that run from the North Pole to the South Pole are called ______________ lines. (They’re also called MERIDIANS because they get real merry when they meet at the N. & S. Pole.)
2. Imaginary lines that circle the earth from East to West are called _____________ lines. (They’re also called PARALLEL lines because they never meet - they’re sad.)
3. Together, _____________ lines and _____________ lines (Meridians & Parallel lines) form a __________ system. 
4. This system is used to find ABSOLUTE ________________.
5. LOCATION is one of the 5 THEMES OF GEOGRAPHY. The other themes of Geography are ____________, ___________, __________, & __________.
6. Globes show True ______, True ________, & True __________. Maps distort one or more of these three things.
7. Name the Continents. N_____ A__________, S______ A__________, E_________ A_____, Af_____, Au_________ & An____________.
8. The __________ Ocean is between N. & S. America and Europe & Africa.
9. The __________ Ocean is between Asia & Australia and N. & S. America.
10. The _________ Ocean is between Africa and Australia.



Keep watching the 2 minute Learning Gif Below until you can answer these questions:

1. If you have a lot of something and few people want it, the price will be ______.
2. If you have a little bit of something and a lot of people want it, the price will be _______.
3. The price at which demand equals supply is called the ______________ ______ or ___________ ____________ ______.

4. DEMOCRACY with a DEMAND ECONOMY allows private ownership of _________ and has _______________ freedoms. (The U.S.)
5. What kind of Government Discourages private ownership of property and has NO Constitutional Freedoms? ______________ (China, North Korea, Vietnam, & Cuba.)
6. Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy of the 1930’s are examples of what type of Government? ____________ (No Constitutional Freedoms but allowed private ownership of property.) 
7. What type of Government has Constitutional Freedoms but discourages private ownership of property (small businesses are allowed but the utilities, railroads, etc. are owned by the government). ______________
8. “It’s usually cheaper per ounce (or unit of measure) to produce or buy a larger quantity of something than a smaller amount of something.” This is called _____________ ____ ___________.
9. When the Law of Supply and Demand helps to determine what is produced and the price paid, it is called a ___________ Economy.
10. A ____________ Economy is where the Government commands what is produced and the price that will be paid.
11. Before buying, ask yourself “Is it a need or a __________?” and “Is it a good _______?”
12. “AVOID impulse spending and the Caesar Complex (I see, I want, I’ll ________).” _______________ _______ is what you give up when you choose to spend your TIME or MONEY on one thing instead of something else. CHOOSE WISELY!

Illinois Assessment Frameworks 15.8.01, 15.8.05, 15.8.07 & 15.8.10



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Free Bird III (Geography & Cultures Giff with Music)




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